Gilalai 2015

To Heal The Space Between Us
Gilalai 2011

Till The End Of Time - Best Of Lars Muhl
Kick Music 1999
CMC 1997
CMC 1996
Kingdom Come
Metronome 1994
From All Of Us
Pladecompagniet 1993
When Angels Fall
BMG 1991
King Of Croon
Fox 1988
The Glorious Art Of Breaking Little Girls Hearts And Blowing Big Boys Brains
Genlyd 1986
Hey Hey Hey - Live (Warm Guns)
Vertigo 1984
Follow Your Heart Or Fall (Warm Guns)
Vertigo 1983
Italiano Moderno (Warm Guns)
Vertigo 1981
Instant Schlager (Warm Guns)
Vertigo 1980
First Shot Live (Warm Guns)
Smash 1979
Lonesome Brigade (Daisy)
Starbox 1974
Lucifer Zimmerman (Daisy)
Circle 1969