THE LAW OF LIGHT – The Secret Teachings of Jesus

In these times of global war and unrest, economic instability, religious extremism, environmental problems and spiritual alienation, His Holiness the Dalai Lama is travelling the world, spreading his simple but powerful message of inner peace and compassion. But when he visits the West, he calls for Christians to stay with their faith and to seek Jesus’ esoteric teachings.

Lars Muhl’s book The Law of Light – The Secret Teachings of Jesus carries the answers you been looking for.

Al Jardine from the Beach Boys holding the original edition of The O Manuscript

“I recommend reading this amazing story to anyone seeking the path to enlightenment.”
- Al Jardine, The Beach Boys

The Law of Light

“Lars Muhl, author of THE O MANUSCRIPT has surpassed himself with THE LAW OF LIGHT. This is certainly his masterpiece: the teachings of Christ, a guide to a lightness of being which throws a different aspect on life and how to live it well. Like one of Jesus’ apostles, Lars Muhl was given an inside into the Mysteries - the true message of Jesus and we have the privilege that he shares it with us. A book to be read and reread - an indespensable study guide to life”
- Heidi Kay

“The best Aramaic insights I’ve found. The depth and understanding of the Aramaic coming from this author is astounding. After studying the Aramaic for 14 years, I found this book to be absolutely penetrating in its insights.”
- James A Stacey

The O Manuscript

“Lars Muhl tells an extraordinary tale in an extraordinary way. It is a story that for too long has been crying out to be told.”
 - Henry Lincoln, co-author of The Holy Grail and The Holy Blood

“The O Manuscript is one of the most important books you will ever read.”
 - Lyndall Demere, Ph.D., Ms.D. International Association of Metaphysicians