23/09 2017

The Seer film is released on DVD in German


In October 2017 Lars Muhl's documentary film 'The Seer' (Der Seher) will be released on DVD in German by the publishing company Neue Weltsicht.


The Seer, Calle de Montsegúr, was Lars Muhl's spiritual mentor. He was capable of not only diagnosing and curing people with distant healing, no matter where they were on the globe, but was also able to read 'The Book of Life', where the destiny of mankind is recorded.


Lars Muhl became an apprentice to The Seer after he healed Lars over the phone of a long debilitating, undiagnosable illness. The film is based on rare and unique footage of The Seer taken by Lars when they first met in 1998, and covers the three years during which Lars was an apprentice to The Seer.


This is a rare first hand look into witnessing The Seer in his element, walking the sacred mountain of Montsegur. We are with him in his home in Fuengirola in southern Spain as he is treating patients with distant healing. Some of the film footage is filmed with a hidden camera as we journey with Lars through his initiations by one of the most important healers of our time.


The DVD has a mix of German voice-over and subtitles.
There are no plans to release the DVD in other languages.


You can read more in German, watch the trailer and pre-order the DVD now with 10 % discount here: www.derseher-film.de


Lars Muhl will come to Berlin on 27-29 October 2017 for the Germany premiere of 'The Seher' and the workshop 'The Stillness of the Heart' (In der Stille des Herzens) - a two-day healing workshop built around Lars Muhl’s insight into the healing energy of the Aramaic language that Yeshua (Jesus) spoke, paired with the teachings of The Seer. 
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