Video interviews with Lars Muhl


Lars Muhl in conversation with Mariaestela from The Magdalene Voices

Lars Muhl shares his wealth of wisdom and knowledge, and gives us a completely different view on some of the main themes of Mariam the Magdalene (Mary Magdalene). Conversation between Lars Muhl and Mariaestela from The Magdalene Voices, 2017.


Interview with Lars Muhl by Alexandra Wenman

Lars Muhl writes about the teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. In this interview Lars says: 'When you have a call and you don't react to that call something will happen that will wake you up'. Lars talks about his divine meeting with The Seer in Southern France and his opening into the 'feminine principal and why the Magdalene is here now, the Second Coming of her'. The interview is from London, Spring 2017.