A one, two or three day seminar with Lars Muhl, based on his book of the same title.

“Follow my example and you will be able to perform even greater wonders than I,” said Yeshua.

Now is the chance!

Based on more than twenty-five years of spiritual work with the aramaic language of Yeshua the Nazarene and Mariam the Magdalen, Lars Muhl will share the esoteric wisdom hidden in The New Testament. If one wishes to understand the secret teachings of Yeshua in The New Testament, then one has to make an effort to understand the transpersonal psychology—the essential part of the language that Yeshua and his disciples spoke. This does not mean that we have to speak this language, only that we understand how it works.

The psychology behind aramaic is the lost key to a profound and multidimensional wisdom that has been present at all times, right in front of us, without us seeing it. Everything spiritual that we are looking for somwhere else, such as the secrets of breathing, healing, mindfulness, compassion, tantra, and even qantum metaphysics, is hidden in The New Testament.

The teachings that will be imparted in this workshop will unlock deep insight into The Kingdom of Heaven, The Holy Spirit, The Tantra of the Bridal Chamber, The Anointing Ritual, At-Onement, the forty days in the desert practice, Communication with the Archangels, The Beattitudes, Reading the Book of Life, the healing of Yeshua’s circledrawer practice, The Twenty-Two Holy Archetypes, Sacred Heart, The Everlasting Life, and last but not least, The Law of Light.

The whole of creation is built on the Law of Light. It lies hidden in every universe, in every atom and every cell as a seed of consiousness that awaits our actions. Because of man’s free will, the Law of Light represents an ethical choice that must be made with our every breath. What do we choose: darkness or light? The result of our choices is the karma that we experience, sometimes many years later, without recognizing how it came to be. But due to the increasing pace of our present time, this karma has become almost instant. This is the great challenge and test that every human being must pass. That is why it is urgent that we not only know about this law, but also know how to implement it into our lives.

The most rudimentary and simple—and yet the most complicated—teachings are hidden in the two terms for Heaven and Holy Spirit: The Kingdom of Heaven is not a place outside us, but a state of inner being. The aramaic term, Malkoota d’Shmaya includes the secret root word, SHM, which is God’s identity mark in every human being, the seed of light that carries the conciousness of God.

The Holy Spirit is the key to the Kingdom of God. The holy breath is like a bridge between man and God. The aramaic term Rukha d’Koodsha opens up to a whole range of images, all of which work as gateways to Heaven.

Through text analysis, meditation, and ceremonial song and music, Lars Muhl will take participants on a journey into the mystery school of Yeshua & Mariam. Ancient mystery schools like The Essenes of Ein Gedi and The Therapists of Alexandria used song and music in their rituals. And this is something that Lars, a musician himself, has studied for more than twenty-five years.

You don’t have to be a singer or a musician to participate, as cermonies and rituals are the opposite of performance.

All three seminars offer more time for depth in meditation and ceremony, and all begin at 9:30 AM and end at 5 PM. During the day, there will be two small breaks and a one-hour lunch break.

Please bring a blanket (a Jewish talit), a meditation pillow or stool, and a copy of The Secret Teachings of Jesus. You can also read more in Lars’s book The O Manuscript (Watkins Publishing).



– A three-hour interactive seminar with mystic Lars Muhl

In this seminar, Lars will tell the story of his spiritual awakening. Prior to becoming a bestselling author, Lars was a successful singer-songwriter in Denmark and mainland Europe. When a breakdown left him bedridden for three years, a web of synchronicities led him to meet a Seer who was able to revive him after a single phone call.

The healing unleashed in Lars a new outlook on life and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all living things. Written and published several years before the novel The Da Vinci Code came on the scene, Lars’ seminal trilogy, The O Manuscript, explores the hidden spiritual reality behind the etheric astral veils and shares his own story in order to show how we are all connected through the Law of Light.

After his sister’s death in 1960, Lars, only ten years old, developed ESP. He was suddenly able to see though other people and share their pains and worries. Later in life this multidimensional sensitivity was reopened, but in a much more positive way. During the seminar, Lars will explore the deeper meanings behind astral travel, out-of-body and kundaliniexperiences, reincarnation, the Essenes, and the Aramaic New Testament. Attendees will be invited to explore their own healing abilities and tap into their own archetypal knowldge base.